Earning for Simple tasks

Here are some sites which provide the opportunity to earn through completing simple tasks like posting a comment , following on twitter, liking a page, sharing an article or registering on a site.


This site is up from last quite a few years now. their minimum payout is $10 and they pay through paypal, payza, check and some other ways. They before first payment confirm your address so fill in the exact postal address on signup.

EMoney space

That’s basically a forum with so many money earners on it. You can not only find short task to earn money but also there are other kinds of money earning opportunities there too. Apart from that mostly owners of all ptc , gpt and some other money earning sites are there so you can interact with them directly.

So here is the referal deals section of this forum that promotes the deals from different members . Before doing a job its better to keep a view of the no. of posts and reviews on profile of the members who is posting so that you can know if he / she is an old member with a number of post and have good positive reviews by others on his profile. Try to avoid the deals from the members with 1 or 2 posts only.

First you need to create an account there. create an account then in the forum go to referral deals section.


You can find more simple working jobs in our Small project section

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