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Now a days social networking and using social media sites are very common. What if using Fackbook , twitter or watching and sharing videos on Youtube or video chat through Skype would become source of your part time earning too ??,

You might want to consider ways to make money from home with social media. Learning to make money online starts with establishing a reputation for your expertise in a specific area. That implies giving away a certain amount of advice for free, before you decide to monetize your knowledge and make money from home online. Once you do decide to create a business, continue to occasionally give away free tidbits, but most of all, continue to portray yourself as a thoughtful human being; one that is capable of caring about other people, and posting about subjects that do not involve your business.

1. Facebook Pages

Creating facebook pages is as common as using facebook itself. In case if you don’t know how to create it . Just look at the left side of your facebook account there will be Link “Create a Page” under pages . Just Click that choose a name , category on which you want to create a page ( You can create a page that you think you can update regularly and it would attract more and more people ) . Once its all setup start updating it and suggesting the page to your friends and family members to like and in that way page likes will get on increasing itself. But surely you have to update it with a real interesting stuff according to your page topic.

Once you have good number of likes on your page. you can earn through advertising other people’s pages, products , services , or even showing there banner on your page.

Apart from that you Can Sell like to facebook pages too. Promote other pages on your page and charge a fee or per like bases from the others as surely if you got thousands of regular followers of your page and you will suggest some one else page on that it will surely get good response if you presented it well and if its related to your page topic as well.

Another way of earning through Facebook pages is selling a facebook page itself once its established with huge number of likes and regular updates.

2. Earning through Twitter

Earning through twitter is just like the same way as in case of FB mentioned above. Only difference is that in twitter you should have a twitter account with large number of followers so that whenever you tweet something it gets a big response from your followers. Selling ads on your twitter or selling an established twitter account or creating twitter accounts for others and posting and updating it for them regularly is the way to earn on twitter too.

3. YouTube Monetizing is Music to Your Ears

Speaking of videos, did you know that you can monetize your YouTube Channel?  The YouTube Partner Program, as part of an agreement with Google, places ads on your video, which allow you to earn shared revenues.

According to Google: Overlay ads are the small banners that occupy the lower third of the video, whereas TrueView ads are video ads that play before your video. Using both isn’t always the best plan – depending on the content of your video, you might want to opt for one over the other. No matter which type of video ad you choose this is an easy way to make money from home online.

4. Become an Amazon Affiliate

You have an opinion on everything.  Whether it’s a book, a piece of gym equipment, a camera, an article of clothing, or anything sold on Amazon – and these days, what isn’t – you can earn up to 10 percent commissions by using your Amazon Associate Link on all of your social media reviews of the product. Just remember to use your special affiliate code when linking to the product. This is one of the easiest ways to make money from home with social media.

Go to Amazon site   and create an account and if you own a site then surely you can put the ads there but in case you have a good social media usage then you can promote the links to the products in amazon in your facebook pages or twitter account etc . Once there is some successful sale your commission in amazon will be added and once you reach the payment limit you will be sent the payment by them.

5. Social Media Manager

Many business owners understand the importance of using social media to promote their company but they either have no idea about how to go about it, or they do not have the time to post on a regular basis. That’s where you, the social media manager, enter the scene. Most social media managers charge a set fee for an initial setup, and a monthly fee for web hosting, updating posts, etc. So create a facebook page for others or manage it for them or do it on some other social media platform and  earn money from the home using social media.

10. Social Media Trainer

Social Media Manager and Social Media Trainer are two different things. Many social media managers do not realize this, and get stuck answering hundreds of “how do I post this picture,” “I can’t log in” or other types of questions. Social media training can be a part of a social media package, if your clients decide that they want to make money from home with social media on their own. If that’s their decision, you can charge for the initial setup, then charge separately for the training. In some cases, a person’s desire for social media training might have nothing to do with earning money. They might simply want a way to communicate with their grandchildren and other family members. If you become a social media trainer you can train them in using facebook, twitter , skype or such other applications and meanwhile earn money.


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