Where to sell domains / Websites

Here are some websites where you can sell your websites. Some of them take charges for listing the domains and websites on their website. And some don’t take initial charges . But in all cases they charge from 10 to 20% of the amount you gained through selling after a successful sale.

  1. First place to start selling your site is to put for sale banner on it along with your email address to send offer. Any visitor if interested will contact you and in that case you may save the commission etc you need to pay to the company selling sites. But there is a draw back of it too. If you sell through some company they guarantee the payments from the buyers taking from him and giving to you makes it a bit secure while a direct buyer may get involve in some fraud etc
  2. SEDO

    Sedo probably provides the largest variety of continuous online domain auctions. They offer a wealth of domain services such as parking your domain, buying domains and selling domains. To park your domain is free and they require no minimal number of domains to do this. To sell via auction a domain you have listed at Sedo, you normally need an offer on your domain. Sedo occasionally runs online auctions as well.

  3. Go Daddy

    GoDaddy is jumping in the online auction market with their series of one-day live online Signature Domain Auctions for exclusive, high-value domains. Domain owners can auction off their domains and potential buyers can bid on them. Various features of Go Daddy Auctions allow sellers to increase the exposure of their domain auctions.

  4. Flippa

    Flippa is a nice place to sell your domain or complete site. they do charge for listing the domain/website in the beginning. $9 for domain and $19 for website. But this site is nice and chances of getting your site sold is a bit higher here.

  5. Afternic

    Afternic boasts over 3 million domain names available for purchase on their aftermarket platform. Members can search its huge database of listings, determine market values with domain name appraisal service, negotiate deals, and close transactions securely with its DNEscrow service. Afternic allows visitors to pre-order names that are coming up for expiration. To buy domains on Afternic, you need to purchase a membership, the cost of which is currently $1 per year and to sell domains on Afternic, you must purchase a membership that costs $19.95 per year.

  6. Name JetName Jet comes on no. fifth and has created a same pattern for all the back-order services. The pattern is like customers may back-order a domain name and also set maximum price for that domain name and beyond which they are not willing to go and If there is not even a single person who back-orders this domain name except the customer  then the same customer gets that particular domain, but there is one more situation which may occur ,if more then one person back-orders the name of the same domain, then the name of the domain goes into an auction.
  7. CAXcax  Has the lowest commission starting at 8% for domain name sellers. Cax has no listing or brokerage exclusivity, except in auctions. Best for: Anyone interesting is selling or auctioning their domain name in a simple fashion and a low commission rate.

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