Creating Google Adsense Account

You can create a google adsense Account from here.  But before that you must go through the instructions below.

To create a google adsense Account site you must have the following.

Fully launched website: Since google won’t be able to review websites that are not fully launched or built, ensure that your site is live and functioning at the time you submit your application.

Unique content: Google want to have unique data on your blog/website . So publish content that’s interesting and unique. Avoid using “doorway” pages created just for search engines, or other cookie cutter approaches such as affiliate programs with little or no original content. If you’re participating in an affiliate program, give people a reason to visit your site first. Only images based posts with no written content at all or copy paste data from other sites wont work for you. You have to create some interesting post with some different material that can attract the visitors.

Pay-To Sites: If your site participates in programs that compensate people to perform activities that drive traffic to you, Google won’t approve your application. Some examples of these “pay-to” programs are sites that encourage users “to click” or “to surf” or “to read email.” In addition, you shouldn’t encourage others to join these programs in the content, links, or third-party ads on your site. So if your site is offering your visitors to Earn from your site through downloading , clicking or any other way. Don’t expect google to approve your application then.

And while filling the application Form make sure about the following too.

Valid payee name: Payments will be made out to the name on your account, so make sure to include your full and valid name, or that of your business, rather than just initials. If banks won’t accept the name you enter in the ‘Payee Name’ field, neither will google. So make sure twice that you are filling in your name or any other name of your family member on which you would be able to receive the payments send by google.
Valid address: To make sure your hard-earned money reaches you, provide a complete valid address where you can receive mail /Letters. As they send verification letters some time and also in most of the cases payments through Checks so your exact and complete Address should be mentioned in the application form.

Tip: Do ask about the postal address of your area from the nearby postal office where your area’s post is collected. It will make it more easier for your letters / Mails to reach you.


So if you think you qualify for all the above Click the link below to apply for the adsense account .

If you need any more tips or help regarding that.  Email us  at  with the subject “Google Adsense” our team will try to give you proper suggestion regarding that.

Apply for Google Adsense

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