Become Online Money Exchanger

What is Online Money Exchange?
In online working one gets payments through different payment processors like paypal, payoneer, payza, moneybooker (skrill), western Union (WU) or any other such payment processor online.
Most of the online workers don’t have all the payment processors in their country . Like paypal not properly available in so many countries so People have to search for others who can exchange their paypal or any other such payment processor funds to the payment processor that is available in their country .
That has become a good business online too. As the people usually charge from 10% to 25% of the exchanged payment. So if you have some funds in a couple of payment processors you can start you career as professional Online Money Exchanger .
Suppose you got funds in Payoneer and some one want to have payoneer funds you can exchange it with real cash (in case of local customer) or if you have paypal or any other such payment processor you can ask him to transfer the funds in that an in return you can transfer the funds to his payoneer.
What will you get in all that ?
You will get the percentage of the total funds exchanged between you too. suppose you agreed for 15% and exchanged $200. means for just a couple of minutes exchange you will earn $30.
Now another question arises.
where to get the customers / People who need exchange ?
There are plenty of places.

      If you are active on online money making forums you will find some their.
        And there are some forums specific for such exchange deals too you can get to them there.
        Or you can even Create a professional Money exchanging website to attract the customers


      Note: in case you want a site you can contact us we can guide you regarding the site in detail

But one thing to make sure. before going into such deal always get proper information of the person and make sure if he is trustable or not as there are chances of fraud being involved in it too. our advice will be not to work with the newbies in the forums. or read some reviews about the persons in the forum you are dealing with

Here are some money exchanging sites and places from where you can get the client-age

And here are some examples of the websites of the exchangers (You can also have one like this to start your own biz)