Paypal is one of the most used payment method online. You can send , receive payment as well withdraw to your Credit card or bank account in US or in your local account in most of the cases too.

If you are from a country where paypal is not available.  Then surely using paypal is not official there as your country name is not in the list of the countries in paypal registration form.
But still people are using Paypal in these Countries too this way or other. As there are some websites/companies that do prefer to pay through paypal so one has to get a paypal account in that case.
So if you want to have a paypal inside your country not legible for Paypal account then Its highly advised to use some other payment method available in your country. And in case there isn’t any opetion then these are some of the ways people are creating it here

How to create a paypal in countries not allowed by paypal.
There are plenty of methods given on the net itself to create the paypal from Pak or other countries not in the list of paypal account and to get it verified
These are some useful links with the related info


NOTE: Its highly recommended that if there is any other payment option other than paypal is available that is available in your country to get payment use that. Use paypal only in case if there isn’t any other option available.

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