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Freelance working is associated with working at your own will from your own location mostly. Work when you want to or need to work to earn. There are plenty of freelance working website on which you can create an account and search for suitable job to work. Following are the steps involved in freelance working.

  1. Create an account using your correct information and filling in as much experience and your skills as you have or you can provide . ( select work/want to work while choosing the signup form)
  2. They will send you the confirmation email to verify your account check the email and do verify the account.
  3. In completing your profile freelance websites ask you to select the no. of possible categories in which you can or you want to work . Chose the ones in which you have skills only.
  4. Most of the freelance websites need you to do test projects or to complete the tests on their sites to provide a complete view of your ability to the Job providers on their sites. Although this step is not compulsory on some sites but if available its highly recommended to complete these test so that you have much more scope to acquire the projects .
  5. Once you have completed your profile you can browse or search the campaigns on the site.
  6. When you come across some project you think you can do study it thoroughly before bidding on it. If you think you can do it bid with lowest possible amount you can take in the box . (At least in the beginning you have to work on low to get some repute and good reviews from the employers ) You can also comment or send the message to the employer about your interest in the job and your skills if its available on the site.
  7. Bid carefully . Don’t bid on any thing you can do . Apart from that you are allowed to bid only a limited no. of times each month so be careful about that and don’t waste your bid.
  8. If you are able to acquire the project through bid try to complete it prefectly and within the time range.
  9. Once the project is completed the payments are transferred to you through that freelance website. You can take payments from them through Payoneer , Paypal or through Check .


Here are some of top freelance websites on which you can start working.


Here a one which majorly contains projects related to accounting


Here are a couple of sites for graphic designers /logo designers or developers.


This job search engine is dedicated to finding only technology-related jobs. It offers a targeted niche space for finding the exact technology position you’re looking for. They also offer expert advice on writing resumes and obtaining IT certification, as well as a variety of discussion forums.


This website is related to SEO freelancing jobs and SEO workers as well as web marketers should register on this site. This marketplace also has come creative jobs like web hosting, data entry work, article translation, audio, video, bulk links, article writing, blogs, directory submission, link building, forums & press releases. A client on this website can also buy blog reviews, blog articles, tweets, eBooks, software & website themes at at affordable rates. Here you can find jobs like finding human targeted traffic, building page ranks for websites, increasing Facebook likes, increasing Youtube views, blog comments & backlinks.

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