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NetPaisas is Working for the betterment of people in providing them Free Education and Training in the Field of IT to provide them enough opportunities to Earn money online without being getting scammed. Being a Welfare Foundation our main aim is to make people earn money through internet just like the people around the world are earning.

So if you have some knowledge of Computer working and internet and want to earn online. Don’t get trapped by these money making Ads on internet and newspapers everydays. More than 99% of them are fake and frauds.¬† They Take away thousands of dollars in the name of membership or Package Fee and in the return give you fake or very low income work. You don’t need to pay anyone or to pay any registration fee or anything like that to start making money online. Every such legit opportunity on the internet to make money is Free. Here at Netpaisas we don’t take any Package, Membership or any other such fee.

Here at Netpaisas  we not only provide you lists of all the resources of all kinds where you can Earn money online whether its through PTC, PTR, GPT, Freelance, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Google Adsence or any other kind of earning opportunities, Its our aim to educate and train you To become an Online Earner.

So If you are interested in Working online for earning do go through our Site. You will get into the all training and education material and money making websites addresses and resources inside the Netpaisas website.

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